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The LA ArtLab community is an international mix of artists with diverse backgrounds and a wide range of approaches to art making. The community started with a meeting of minds that occurred during two SMC life-altering courses Contemporary Art: Theory & Practice and the SMC Mentor Program. Curriculum created by artist and art educator Linda Lopez has inspired and influenced a core group of us in countless ways. Since LA ArtLab formed in 2005 we've collected many new member artists along the way and our evolution continues.

Our Current Group Includes:

Florance Canicave

Marina DeBris

Terry Lee Dill

Nicole Greenberg

Susan Harris

Sari Hatma

Mark Hennessey

Barbara Kosoff

Jaw Lee

Jason Madsen

Audri Phillips

Aixa Salazar

Sharron Shayne

Jacqueline Truong

Jill Vacarra