art, inspiration, collaboration

Florence Canicave

Born and raised in France, I benefited from an education that grounded me securely and gave me a great sense of balance. Because I grew up in a culturally diverse environment, my upbringing kept me at the same time extremely open to – and curious about – new horizons. Through friendships with people from all around the world, especially Northern African migrants, and political refugees from the South American dictatorships of the 80’s, I discovered early on in my life the immensity of our planet, and the infinity of the human experiences. This realization led me into breaking free from the urge to belong, and into the perpetual impulse to expand my own boundaries. I became very much a traveler, but a slow traveler. Throughout the years, I identified to nomadic cultures more and more, and came to realize that crossing borders had become a need for me. It is the energy that infuses my life and art. I am fascinated by the alchemy that results from the meeting between differences, opposites, or elements that are most unlikely to fit together. As with my own traveling, my art is a search for constant transformation, and explores the concepts of passage, transparency, and boundaries.