art, inspiration, collaboration

Susan Harris

I was born in a black cadillac, on the way to the hospital, in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel. I 've lived in Southern Calif. for almost my entire life. What informs my work is the light here, the creative aspects of this city and many others, and 'mindfulness' as a way of life .

Early on , I decided not to go to art school but rather to begin observations about art and artists and take many different continuing education classes , mostly dealing in Art, Art History, Dance, and Theater.

For the past few years I have been seriously connecting to my families past, my grandfather, Max in particular. Max was one of the two owners of the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. I have been constructing a project to honor all of the 146 victims of the tragic NYC Shirtwaist Fire of March 1911, which put into place many of the safety laws that support workers and their rights today.

I am making this piece in hopes of bridging a gap between my family and the families of other victims. The piece will be shown this March in NYC.