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Title:                   LANGUAGE.
Subject:              LA  ArtLab – Art Show
Location:            Upstairs at the Market Gallery, 1057 South San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015  map >
Date/Time:         February 19 – 25, 2011
Opening event:  Saturday, February 19, 2011 4pm-11pm
Closing event:    Saturday, February 26, 4pm-11pm
Performances on both nights start at 8pm.
Additional showings by appointment only, February 20 – 25


LA ArtLab presents LANGUAGE., a group art show featuring a three-room visual “library,” featuring original artwork based on the theme of language.

Combining art and language is inevitable. Ancient pictograms carved or painted on stone kept records, shared knowledge and told stories – they’re at the very root of the modern written word. The spoken word, too, has its connection to the imagery we create. Tell a story around the campfire (or dinner table) and your listeners paint the picture or see the film in the mind’s eye.

With LANGUAGE., sixteen innovative artists (some established, some emerging) from within the LA ArtLab collective present individual works that explore, display and question language in its many forms. Presented works include mixed media, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video, digital media and performance. Some of the show’s works explore the relationship between written text and image. Other works present puns or plays on words, or examine the metaphor. Each participating artist communicates something unique in relation to the show’s concept. A few examples:

– Florence Canicave’s Babel II sculpture examines the entanglement of languages believed to have  separated humanity into a cacophony of disparate linguistic groups.
– Work by Sharron Shane investigates the language of grief and the relationship between written text and image, where, perhaps, potential exists for healing.
– A video installation by Nicole Greenberg represents the challenges of communicating with the spoken word cross-culturally and between the sexes.
– Diana Hobstetter’s Fragile Flesh series examines memories and stories associated with scars on the human body.
– Aixa Salazar’s The Power of Silence explores how silence and lack of language are integral to communicating emotion.
– Jill Vacarra’s mixed media painting Field Trip explores the nature of language as a tool to inspire creativity, exploration and documentation of experience, with the artwork displayed in the gallery serving as an anchor point for ongoing audience participation.

Certain artworks will be for sale to the public at the discretion of the artists. A portion of art sale proceeds and 100% of event donations will benefit The Wonder of Reading, a Los Angeles-based organization devoted to children’s literacy and the refurbishing of elementary school libraries.

LANGUAGE. will be on display to the public during opening and closing events on Saturday, February 19th and Saturday, February 26th.. Additional viewings can be arranged between February 20-25th by appointment.

Participating artists: Florence Canicave, Marina DeBris, Terry Lee Dill, Nicole Greenberg, Susan Harris, Sari Hatma, Mark Hennessey, Diana Hobstetter, Barbara Kosoff, Jaw Lee, Jason Madsen, Audri Phillips, Aixa Salazar, Sharron Shayne, Jacqueline Truong, Jill Vacarra

LA ArtLab was founded in June of 2005 with the goal of creating a strong network of artists focused on creative collaboration, artistic experimentation, community involvement, social and ecological consciousness and charitable contribution. The LA ArtLab community is an international mix of artists with diverse backgrounds and a wide range of approaches to art making. The group meets regularly to critique and discuss art, collaborate on work and inspire artistic exploration. LA ArtLab is currently in the process of planning several upcoming thematically based Los Angeles area art shows.
Upstairs at the Market Gallery, owned and operated by The City Market of Los Angeles, is located above one of the oldest produce markets in the country and provides space to emerging and established artists.

This project is partially in satisfaction of an arts development fee obligation, Cultural Affairs Department, city of Los Angeles. For more information about LA ArtLab contact Jill Vacarra at (310) 714-0844
email: Or visit

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