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May Not Be Suitable


May Not Be Suitable for All Audiences (October 2007) The show featured works by 18 artists, including artists from LA Artlab’s international collective in addition to selected artists from the Cal Arts community. Presented work reflected a diverse range of media and styles all focused on the question: What is “appropriate” or “suitable” and what is “not suitable” in art? The show’s central theme ruminated on the art world’s ever-present pre-occupation with subversive, risqué or shocking content, combined with the sense that traditional art institutions and public cultural entities such as museums still seem to be the ones setting the wider culture’s standards for propriety of expression. Thus, the theme suggests another key question about art in our time: Who decides what makes for “suitable” art and who decides which art is fit to be seen by a wide audience? Pieces on display included individual installations, mixed media, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and digital media, live music and performance art.

Works by:
Susan Harris, Mark Hennessey, Lina Högberg, Natalia Iguíñiz & Sandro Venturo, David M Jovel, Ann Kaneko, An Le, Jaw Lee, Visperd Madaddoust, Alfredo Márquez, C Francisco Martinez, Audri Phillips, Treiops Treyfid, Jill Vacarra, Andie Villafañe, Pontus Willfors

Performances by: