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Round & Round


Round & Round (May 2nd, 2009 – May 9th, 2009)


LA ArtLab's ROUND & ROUND art show and installation featured a three-room immersive forest of spherical and circular objects in a carnival of different colors, materials and sizes, designed to induce laughter, play, reverie and rumination.

15+ innovative emerging artists from within the LA ArtLab collective displayed individual works. Each artist's work communicated something unique about the show’s concept. Some worked focused on the pure formality of the sphere, while others used the spherical form as a starting point for topical discourse and reflection on the world around us. The works included mixed media, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and digital media and performance.

In line with LA ArtLab’s community-focused manifesto, several LA ArtLab artists took on the challenge of working in cooperation to orchestrate several installations that were spread throughout the gallery, including hundreds of pom-poms in various shapes and colors, which accumulated in piles and littered the gallery floors.

A portion of all art sale proceeds and event donations were donated to the Algalita Marine Research Foundation an organization focused on research and education about the huge “plastic soup” gyre in the North Pacific.

Works by:
Isabel Becker, Florence Canicave, Olivier Chupeau, Claudia Foster, Terry Lee Dill, David Duarte, Susan Harris, Mark Hennessey, Mrs. Hobbs, Barbara Kosoff, Jaw Lee, Jason Madsen, Audri Phillips, Deb Ris, Sharron Shayne, Jacqueline Truong, Jill Vacarra

Organized by:
Jill Vacarra